These are items from classes that I have taught or want to teach.

Classes that I would like to develop


I want to teach an ECE/CS class that focuses on the cost of instructions and code-based design choices. The 68000 architecture is simple enough to understand but complex enough to discuss design choices. I feel that the 68000 is the last processor that lets a student get an intimate experience with the instructions and the bus due to the lack of cache.

Subthreshold Circuits and low-power systems

Subthreshold circuits are an excellent way to have power efficient circuits. The "classical" issues with subthreshold arise from PVT mismatch; however, mismatch is ubiquitous in circuits and can be addressed. Subthreshold is the basis of the differential pair, PTAT, and several other circuits. Subthreshold circuits have yet to be fully leveraged in the low-power design space.

Embedded Systems for non-EEs

As a MechE undergrad, I have a soft spot for non-EE majors. I want to teach a circuits class based on practical problems, such as music, control theory and SR-71 engine unstarts.